Learn about all the different children there are in the world. Or maybe even in your neighbourhood.
Stick the clothes on the figures, then draw faces, hair and accessories.

10 child-shaped paper cutouts in 10 different skin tones.

Enough clothes to have plenty of choice for each outfit:

  • Approx 20 tops (fleeces, T-shirts and vests)
  • Approx 20 bottoms (trousers, shorts and skirts)
  • A few dresses.

Clothes are roomy enough for small children to be able to fit them on the figures easily.

You may not get this identical set of clothes, but it will be the same designs cut from the same selection of papers.

Children are approx 11cm / 4¼" tall.

Designed by me and cut on a silhouette machine. Unique - not available from anyone else.

Children of the world (& clothes) paper shapes



    © Kirsty McAllister 2016​