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Privacy Policy


If you buy anything:

What I record:

• The personal information you fill in on the form.
• What you bought and when you bought it.

How this data is used:

• To fulfil your order.

I will not use this information for marketing emails.

Who is the information shared with?


How long is it kept for?

I will keep the personal information I hold indefinitely, but if you want to view, amend or delete your personal data, let me know. (Note: I keep sales records for at least 7 years for tax purposes)

Contact form

If you contact me via the contact form:

I will only use your details for whatever you contacted me about.

I will not add them to a mailing list or database.

I will not share them with others.

I usually keep emails forever, but if you do want me to delete your details, let me know.

Targeted online advertising


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