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6 different worksheets
PLUS 4 communion worksheets
Print as many as you want
Black & white photocopiable versions included

These worksheets are designed to help children engage in the church service. The general worksheets focus on 4 areas:
Let's praise God - what did we sing, who lead, what instruments...?
Prayer time - Who prayed, what did we pray about?
God's Word - Bible references, what was it about?
Who's who? - Church is people, so there are various activities about who is there.

(Note: they do not include anything about the sermon, so can be used if your sermons are way above kids' heads, or if the children leave before the sermon)

There are a variety of activities - writing, drawing, tick boxes, counting...

The communion worksheets are simpler, with spaces to write or draw, and a text to colour.

Church service worksheets

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