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A set of 6 Christian posters, text cards and colouring pictures, with verses about God's Word. All NIV.

The two text card designs can be printed double sided.

PLUS free bookmarks!


Print as many as you like for personal, non-commercial use.

Examples of things you can do:

  • Print for friends & family.
  • Decorate your church or school.
  • Give to kids in your church/school/club.

Examples of things you can't do:

  • Sell them.
  • Pass on this digital file to others (while activities are shut down for coronavirus, you may send the file to children who would usually be in your physical class.)
  • Share them on the internet (feel free to share the image with 'SAMPLE' across it).
  • Print them for another church or school - they can buy their own copy!

God's Word printable posters, text cards & colouring pictures

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