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33 simple nativity icons.

Png format.


  • Angel Gabriel
  • Mary
  • Joseph
  • Mary & Joseph
  • Mary & Joseph pregnant (two versions - one with a cutaway to show the baby!)
  • Mary & Joseph with baby Jesus
  • Mary with baby Jesus
  • Jesus in manger (two versions - top and side view)
  • Mary & Joseph with Jesus in manger
  • Shepherds watching sheep
  • Sheep
  • Angel praising
  • Heavenly host
  • Shepherds (group of two and singly)
  • Star
  • Wise men (group of three and singly)
  • Mary with toddler Jesus (two versions - holding and walking)
  • Wise men worship (group of three and singly)
  • Modern people


Commercial Use (e.g. using the graphics to create products for TpT): please credit Kirsty McAllister. You may not alter the images when used in a product for sale. You may only use these as part of another design, not as-is (e.g. as stickers, badges etc). You may not resell the clip art.

Nativity Icons

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